You need to ask some important questions of your staff, stakeholders and customers. Quickly. But you KNOW that they’ll probably only tell you what you want to hear. If they even bother to tell you.

We provide potent indicators about how to tailor your workforce, product, brand or service while uncovering the kind of innovations that can help make vital improvements. Quickly and efficiently,

Find insights, meaning and emotions in data

The words we use and the contexts in which they are used contain useful insights. We use Natural Language Processing to identify issues, topics, intentions, entities and emotions related to your brand,

Realtime reporting is available for some assessments via your own dashboard.

We can help you design a customised questionnaire / survey choosing from our database of questions or you can use our existing assessments which cover a wide range of topics.

All our assessments work with smartphones and desktop computers

We implement and manage the assessment on our servers. When the survey is completed, we provide you with basic statistics and a full report including recommendations on how you can best effect desired change using the feedback.

Want to know what your target audience thinks and feels?

We work with you as a 3rd party. People are more honest, freer to give spontaneous and genuine feedback than if you were to ask the questions yourself. This is especially the case if you are wanting feedback from your own staff. Responses are anonymised by default so respondents feel free to share their perceptions.

Assessment Types

  • Organisational culture
  • Change readiness surveys (monitor change over time, implementation areas etc.)
  • Innovation
  • Leadership and management development including leadership 180/360 assessment
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Team performance & empowerment
  • Brand image and brandstory
  • Disruption, stress and wellness
  • Customer satisfaction, attitudes and customer service improvement
  • System improvement and innovation
  • Product and brand testing
  • SHEQ surveys (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality)
  • Corporate Culture, KM and reputation


  • Creates confidence and engagement
  • You get to hear what you need to hear
  • Shows you´re interested in people’s opinions and ideas and that you’re prepared to listen and interact
  • Streamlines UX product and service delivery
  • Find novel solutions and insights
  • Establishes on-going conversations with employees and customers

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